Health and Wellness

At Young Petals all food is supplied.  Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. We promote healthy eating by using 5 plus a day.

A wide variety of food is served, pasta, rice, potatoes, varying meats and fish, all meals are served with vegetables.  Children are encouraged to try all meals.  If for some reason a child does not want to eat their lunch they are always offered a sandwich.

Water is readily accessible all day and is served with each meal; children are encouraged to pour their own drinks.


Education Programme

At Young Petals we implement the New Zealand Early Childhood CurriculumTe Whāriki.  Te Whāriki is based on four principles of learning – Empowerment, Holistic Development, Family & Community, and Relationships.  These four principles provide the fundamental basis for our planning and are designed to build children’s confidence, develop positive relationships and ensure the individual needs of each child is met.

School Readiness Programme

Our whole Early Childhood Programme is based on “Foundations for Learning

and therefore all learning experiences that we provide are all offered to further develop and extend on children’s learning to support them through to their next level of education.  Some of the key practices that underpin our programme are to:

  • Develop independence in thought, action and self-help skills…

Parents Feedback