Our Education Programme


At Young Petals we implement the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whāriki.  Te Whāriki is based on four principles of learning – Empowerment, Holistic Development, Family & Community, and Relationships.  These four principles provide the fundamental basis for our planning and are designed to build children’s confidence, develop positive relationships and ensure the individual needs of each child is met.


Planning/Care Groups:

On enrolment, your child will generally bond with and choose their own primary care teacher who will be responsible for their transition; day to day care and ensuring their portfolios are kept up-to-date.  This doesn’t mean that your child will only work with that one staff member, as we all work collaboratively together.

All staff will work with all children and write learning stories on other children as this gives us a wider perspective of your child’s interests and needs.


Children’s Portfolios:

Every child has their own special book of learning and experiences while at Young Petals.  This book belongs to your child and documents their journey of exploration and discovery, special interests and strengths.

We hope that from time to time you will contribute to your child’s portfolio, to enrich our shared understanding of children’s learning and development.  This could be done by adding photos and stories from home.

Your child’s portfolio will be sent home on a regular basis.  We ask that portfolios are well looked after while at home and are returned within two weeks.  A feedback form will be sent home with it, which we hope you will find time to fill in.

Any portfolios lost or returned damaged will incur a ‘replacement fee’.



Our staff are trained and skilled in documenting your child’s learning and development through the use of learning stories.  Learning stories are record of your child’s interests and strengths, and each story shows a snapshot of a learning experience they have enjoyed with us.  This assessment process helps us to plan and enhance their learning.

We believe it is important to celebrate the individual skills and abilities of each child’s development, providing support to revisit and practice these as many times as necessary to allow children time to develop their own theories about the world around them and their interactions within it.

Group projects support and celebrate the children’s interests within a group environment.  We believe it is important to celebrate children’s skills for initiating and maintaining enjoyable relationships with other children.  This planning is displayed around the centre so everyone can become familiar with our programme focus.

As you are your child’s primary caregiver and have the most knowledge about your child, we value and encourage your input into our planning.  For this reason staff will often document conversations they have with you, or ask you to fill in forms to get your feedback.