We at Young Petals thrive on Relationships. We believe that warm, responsive and trusting relationships are built from many positive interactions over time. These occur when the caregiver is ‘in tune’ with the child’s signals and needs, and responds in a warm and positive way. We believe in scaffolding each child’s learning by guiding and supporting them through their developmental journeys and pathways. We also value the Whanau aspirations and priorities for their child’s learning. We welcome and respect the cultural diversity that our community brings us, and acknowledge the bi cultural heritage of Aotearoa founded in the Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


We aim to provide an environment that is homely, safe, nurturing, respectful, and offers a sense of belonging to our tamariki and their whanau. We believe in fostering social competence and confidence in children via a range of learning experiences by our learned educators. We embody the principles of Te Whariki within our curriculum- Holistic Development, Empowerment, Family and community, and relationships. We believe in learning through play and creating an environment that would trigger the little minds and make new discoveries each day.


We aim to provide an inclusive environment for our tamariki and welcome the cultural diversity that they bring in. We celebrate a rich environment where child’s language, rituals and symbols are promoted and protected.