School Readiness Programme


Our whole Early Childhood Programme is based on “Foundations for Learning” and therefore all learning experiences that we provide are all offered to further develop and extend on children’s learning to support them through to their next level of education.  Some of the key practices that underpin our programme are to:


  • Develop independence in thought, action and self-help skills
  • Encourage children to be aware of and use their environment responsively and responsibly.
  • Build on language, math and pre-reading skills at an individual level
  • Encourage the growth of self-esteem and confidence


Some of the additional experiences that we offer as children near school are:


From 3 years of age:

We encourage children to learn to write their name on their art work.  We encourage you to help support your child but not do it for them – any attempt is a good start.  Ways you can help with this is by:

  • Helping you child to identify their name
  • Giving lots of praise and encouragement for children to have a go
  • Encourage children to hold their pen/pencil correctly
  • Encourage children to use only capitals for the first letter in their name and lower case thereafter.


From 4 years of age or entry to the kindy room:

Your child will be given the opportunity to participate in workbook time.  These individual books can be found in the cupboard in the Kindy Room (please ask a kindy room teacher to show you where). Participation in workbooks supports children to further develop skills in:


  • Numeracy & Literacy
  • Maintaining concentration
  • Sequential memory.
  • Number/Letter recognition and much more


This is not a formal learning programme and is instead designed to meet children’s individual interests and needs in a fun and interactive way. It’s a one on one learning time for each individual child.